Still going strong and this pasta can’t go wrong

It’s been too long. It’s been very quiet here at Tough Like Tofu, for no apparent reason to be honest. I guess I just didn’t feel like writing recipes and such.

A lot has happened the last year. Good things but also a shitload of, well, shit. Nonetheless I’m in a good place now, I feel great, I’ve picked up my writing, found the most amazing job and I am super excited to get (re-) started on Tough like Tofu!

However, I’ve decided to make some changes, Tough like Tofu will still be about vegan food and recipes but it will also be more personal. I won’t do advertorials or reviews. I want it to be a place for personal stories, about veganism but also about everyday life. Because a lot of stuff happens and sometimes it’s great but sometimes it sucks very hard. All those things affect us. And that’s perfectly fine.

I’ve read my fair share of (vegan) food blogs and what annoys me it that people tend to romanticize their life through perfect pictures and useless hash tags. I find it hard to believe that all these people lead the happy healthy foodie life they present to us. I’ve caught myself doing the same thing several times and it made me wonder why the hell I care so much about what people who don’t know me might possibly think of me. That isn’t the purpose of social media. Of course that doesn’t mean the hash tag is evil, making us insecure and narcissist at the same time, but it can also create a sense of community. Connecting and sharing with like-minded people, allowing us to drop the façade of perfection and really open up. But that’s not always easy.

I want Tough like Tofu to be an honest place, where some cooking experiments turn out to be disasters, where delicious food doesn’t have to be ‘food porn’ to be Instagram or blog worthy, where it’s okay to admit you prefer peanut butter and chocolate sprinkle sandwiches over a green smoothie for breakfast most of the time, and where I can write about anything if I don’t feel like writing about food. So maybe Tough like Tofu is my personal attempt to make sense of my surroundings and find my own position in it. I don’t know yet, but I guess I’ll find out. Bear with me.

And you might have noticed by now that I’ve decided to switch to English. Most of all because I wanted to – I like writing in English, and somehow it’s easier for me to write personal things in English even though it’s not my native tongue – but also because a lot of people I know and care about don’t speak Dutch.

Well, about time for a recipe.
It’s not related to the rest of this post at all, but it’s insanely delicious nonetheless.

#dropthefacade Linguine with lemon-cashew cream


Serves three hungry people

1 medium sized cauliflower, in small florets
olive oil
1 tablespoon paprika powder
pinch of chili powder (optional)

150 grams salted cashew nuts
2 gloves garlic
250 ml vegan cooking cream (I used soy)
juice from ½ lemon

200 grams mushrooms
200 grams cherry tomatoes, in halves
150 grams artichoke hearts
300-350 grams linguine or other ribbon pasta
juice of ½ a lemon

salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 180 C. Place the cauliflower florets on the baking tray with baking paper and sprinkle with olive oil, paprika, chili (if using) and salt. Roast for about 15 minutes until cooked and slightly browned.

For the cream, put the cashews and garlic in a food processor and blend until the nuts are ground and the mixture turns into a sort-of paste. Now add the cooking cream and lemon juice. Blend to a cream. It should be thick and creamy, but pourable. If the cream’s too thick, add some water. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Now sauté the mushrooms and cook the linguine all dente.

Drain the pasta and mix with olive oil and the rest of the lemon juice.

Throw everything together in a large bowl or pot, mix well and serve.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eva says:

    Made this recipe yesterday and it was delicious!!!! I was checking out your instagram and it would be great if you could share some pizza, burger, “fastfood” recipes becuase they looked awesome :)))

  2. Lisa says:

    Yeah, this is great! Looking forward to following your blog again.

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